Hello, my name is Randy. I am 56, born in the summer of 1967. I was raised in Switzerland, and my life is one hell of an adventure. Starting my apprenticeship in 1986 as a hairdresser, I soon quit after just two years, only to start again as an airplane mechanic at Swissair, from which I graduated successfully in 1992. Starting to explore the world, I soon traveled to the United States with just a few bucks in my wallet. Working on various jobs here and there, I finally found my passion in electronics, which led me to pursue this path until today.

Living on a bautiful carribean island since 2021, i enjoy my freelancer life as a electronic engineer -and windows applications programmer (mostly C#).
I enjoy good cooking, volunteering at the local wildlife refugee, photography, creating AI Arts and telling the Tale of Nemara.
Thank you for Visiting